My Journey with Photography

When I was in high school, I loved National Geographic. I loved the idea of adventure and the thought of discovering things no man had ever seen. I wanted to explore South American jungles and see King Tut's tomb. So I pulled out my mom's little digital camera and started taking pictures. I took photos of everything. 

They were awful photos. Terrible! Ok, so maybe not that bad, but not good or worthy of anything. 

I then decided in college that my problem was the camera. I knew that if I bought a fancy camera that I could change the lens on, that would solve my problem. I would be a world class photographer. 

Yeah......right.............. I couldn't even get off Auto. I didn't know what the M stood for on my dial. ISO? What's that? 

Then I started actually researching what my camera was all about. I learned about exposure, ISO, shutter speed, the composition of the picture. And I started getting a little better! 


And now after investment in education, equipment, tools and lots of time behind the camera, I know I am doing what I want to do! I love photography. I love capturing special moments. I love creating art and creating forever memories. There is a special beauty photographs. And I am so lucky to have a job that I absolutely love!