All About Newborn Sessions with Amber Prusse Photography|Utah Newborn Photographer

So you're having a baby!!! This is such a special time in your growing family's life and it is so exciting that you are documenting it! Here are some tips and information on what you can expect from a newborn session at Amber Prusse Photography and how to prepare the best! Be sure to ask any questions you may have.

Who: Anyone can be involved in a newborn session. It is best to keep it with immediate family. This includes mom, dad and siblings. If you do decide to bring younger kids, please be prepared to not have them at the session the entire time. They will either be at the very beginning or at the very end to ensure the session runs smoothly.

What: During the newborn session, we will go through a variety of poses and wrap and props. We will start out in a wrap to get that baby nice and swaddled to get him/her sleepy. We will then get those sweet naked baby pictures along with some of those precious details. Then we can move on to a basket or a prop!

When: It is best to do the newborn session before the baby turns 12 days old. It is possible to have one after this time, but we may not be able to get as many of those sleepy photos or get through as many poses. We also want that baby to be sleepy, so try to schedule the session during nap time.

Where: At this time, I offer sessions in my studio in Highland, UT.

How: To get the best out of your newborn’s session it is best to do the following things;

  • About 90 minutes before the session, try your best to keep your baby awake! We want baby to sleep as much as possible during the session.
  • Before you arrive, give you baby a full feeding and then some so we can get them milk drunk.
  • Change the diaper before you come and make sure it is somewhat loose so there are no red marks from a tight diaper.
  • Be prepared to be hot! It is important to have the studio nice and warm to keep that baby sleepy and comfortable.
  •  Be prepared to relax. For the majority of the session, you will be able to just sit back and relax. I will be handling the baby and make sure he/she is being safely handled. I may need your help to get the baby in certain poses to make sure she/he is safe, but other than that, sit back and relax!