Daily Photo Challenge January Review|Amber Prusse Photography

This past month, I have been participating in a daily photo challenge. It has been so much fun trying to stay caught up and working my creativity muscles everyday. Here is my month in review! Featuring a lot of Logan in his dinosaur pajamas! Logan took one of the photos on here. Can you guess which one?

january 1. me

january 2. simple

january 3. warm

january 4. morning light

january 5. frame

january 6. one

january 7. free choice

january 8. looking down

january 9. my workspace

january 10. in my cup

january 11. classic

january 12. emotion

january 13. new

january 14. delicate

january 15. starts with w

january 16. my walls

january 17. outside my window

january 18. a pattern

january 19. blurry

january 20. what i’m reading

january 21. street

january 22. crisp

january 23. my saturday morning

january 24. negative space

january 25. a pair

january 26. my view today

january 27. candid

january 28. white on white

january 29. cozy

january 30. yellow

january 31. open