The Graff Family| Utah Photographer in Wyoming|Amber Prusse Photography

Guys... It was a cold day today....I had to go out before 10am for a doctors appointment and my hair was still wet, and it froze.... But I can't complain because back in Cheyenne, where these were taken, it was below zero!!!! And in Laramie, where the Graff family lives, it is almost as cold as the South Pole! Holy Cow!!!! 

So I'm thinking of warmer times. Back to the gorgeous fall, when Cheyenne actually had beautiful colors and pleasant evenings. The Graff family was one of my favorites when I went to Cheyenne this fall. The munckins are so dang precious and mom and dad sure do love each other! It makes me have the warm fuzzies inside. 

Is it cold where you're at? Tonight I'm snuggling up with my boys and drinking hot chocolate! That's how I'm staying warm:)