Mr. & Mrs. Moser| Utah Wedding Photographer| Amber Prusse Photography

Tristan and Kimberly. They are such a dreamy couple!! When we met to drive up to Albion up Cottonwood Canyon last summer, I could not get over this awesome looking gal and her beau! 

This couple knows how to have a fantastic time together. Tristan is so good at making Kimberly laugh and Kimberly puts the biggest smile on Tristan's face just by being present. I can promise that their marriage is full of laughing and crazy dancing. My kind of couple ;)

Also we saw a moose! It can be seen towards the end of the blog post. I wanted to get closer, but not too close, because....death by munching moose...It's a thing. 

I cannot wait for summer to get here again so I can get up Cottonwood Canyon again. Who wants a session there this summer? It is definitely going to happen this summer. That I can promise you!!!