The VanDyke Family| Utah Family Photographer| Amber Prusse Photography

Emily and Christian have been with me since the beginning. When I first started out on my journey as a photographer, I immediately asked them if they would model for me! And they helped me practice some of my skills! That was 5 years ago. And since then, I photographed Teddy’s birth, newborn photos and now their family photos! Emily has been one of my biggest supporters and I am so grateful for her!!

If you want to see Teddy's birth session, check out this link!

We met up Provo Canyon so early in the morning! But in order to get the best light and have a happy baby, we decided that an early morning session would be best. And it was! It was the BEST!! We got there at 7 am and the grass was still dewy. It was just peaceful! I love this location in Provo Canyon because it looks amazing all year round. That tall grass and beautiful mountain view make the perfect setting for any kind of photo session.

Little Teddy is the cutest, happiest little boy on the planet! He was all about the fruit snacks and smiles. He was also all about his mommy! He sure loves her so much! But then as dad threw him up in the air a few times, he immediately changed into a daddy's boy!

I absolutely love the way Emily coordinated their outfits. She pulled them all out of her closet! If you notice, they aren't all wearing the same colors, but they match so nicely! She has the perfect combination of patterns and solids which makes the perfect family photo!

If you want more information on how to dress your family for family photos, be sure to check out this blog post!

Emily and Christian wanted family photos to give their family because they are moving out of Utah for grad school! I am sure going to miss them! But wish them the best in their new adventure!!