Baby Teddy's Birthday| Utah Birth Photographer

Photographing a birth had been on my mind for a long while. It was kind of a bucket list item that I was aching to fulfill. So I asked one of my very pregnant friends if she would be willing to let me photograph the birth of her son! I was incredibly lucky because she said yes! I was so excited to start this adventure as a birth photographer.

I have known Christian and Emily for a long while and I was so excited to capture all these special moments. 

Little Teddy was super comfortable in his mom's tummy. A week too comfortable. So he was scheduled to be induced! I was super antsy, so I arrived at the Utah Valley Hospital around 12. Time seemed to go so slowly as we all waited in anticipation for this little guy's arrival. Emily and Christian had a few visitors and lots of supportive texts to keep everyone in high spirits. 

Then all of a sudden, it was time to push! Emily was a champ. And Christian was an amazing cheerleader. I have seen Emily cheering Christian on in dozen's of football and basketball games and it was so cool to see the tables turned. It was awesome. 

And after two hours of pushing, Teddy arrived. It was a beautiful and sacred moment. As they placed him on her chest, all the chaos seemed to drift away as we all got to see him for the first time. The nurses took him to be weighed and cleaned up a little bit and we continued to watch and study this little boy. Christian held his boy for the first time and we all saw the beginning of a beautiful relationship with father and on. Emily got him back and she seemed complete. She was eating up every little movement and sound he made. And the beginning of a family was made!

If you are interested in having your birth documented, reach out to me! I'd love to chat with you! 

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