A Proposal Story |Millennial Falls| Utah Wedding Photographer

Norma and George are such a cute couple! And their proposal story is so full of love and support! 

A few weeks before the session, Norma's sister reached out to me asking if I could photograph two families and a couple session. I thought that this was a little odd, until it was all explained to me! George was planning to propose to Norma, but wanted both of their families to be there to support them. And that is exactly what happened! 

We arrived at Millennial Falls in Draper and it was such a chilly day! Rain was in the forecast and it was difficult to know if we were going to be rained out! Luckily, this awesome venue has a gorgeous stained glass window that would be beautiful on any kind of day.

We started out with Norma's family and then moved on to George's. It was finally time for their couple session. We spent some time outside in the little garden area. When we went back inside, both families were waiting in front of the stained glass window. George led Norma to the middle, knelt down and expressed his love for her. Then popped the question! She said YES!!!! There was hardly a dry eye in the room as they hugged each other. They certainly have such a loving family and I know the day that they get married, will be the beginning of a happily ever after <3