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Pull up a chair and be prepared for dang cute love story that all started with a high school crush.

Cade and Hannah are both singers. They both attended a choir festival at the University of Wyoming where Hannah was chosen to perform a solo in front of everybody. And that's when Cade started his crush. They didn't officially meet for two years when they were both in the civic choir. They became Facebook friends and he would like her stuff and she thought, "Poor kid...never gonna happen."

Hannah then needed a date to the Brown and Gold ball! A friend suggested that she ask Cade. Well, they ended up having an amazing time and went on dates throughout the year. He was pretty eager to make her his girlfriend, she after having a nasty broken heart, she wasn't ready to open up quite yet. So she friend zoned him! But he kept persisting, hoping to make things official.

He left to go study abroad in England, but they still found time to talk all the time. She was having a horrible, stressful time that semester and he sent her flowers! During this time, she admitted to him, that yes, she wanted to date him when he got home. 

They had their first kiss after a day of cuddling and watching Christmas movies. Hannah left for Utah to see her nephew, (my kiddo!) be born, and she read a quote that said, "Nothing good ever comes from staying in your comfort zone." So she decided to open her heart and become boyfriend and girlfriend. 

A few months ago, Hannah left for a choir trip and everyone had an inkling that when she got back, sometime in the near future, there would be a ring on her finger. She got back super late and with the help of co conspirators, she ended up in the Fine Arts Building with a trail of roses on stage and Cade standing up, and then kneeling, asking for her to spend the rest of time together. 

If you didn't know, Wyoming is GORGEOUS! Sometimes you have to look for it. But it is there! Hannah and my mom scouted out this area about a week before I went up there to take Hannah and Cade's Bridal photos. When we got there, I could not believe how gorgeous this place was! The purple flowers and the pond, plus that amazing golden sunlight turned this session into one of my favorite bridals of all time.

I am always looking for an excuse to head to Wyoming, so if you or someone you know is getting married, send them my way!! I’d love to chat with them!

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