Provo Canyon Engagement| Utah Wedding Photographer| Amber Prusse Photography

Michelle and Darren have to be one of the cutest, most in love couples I have ever photographed! It is so completely obvious that they have the hots for each other! I would ask them to look at each other and without asking, it always ended up in a kiss. I mean, just look at the way Darren looks at Michelle. It is priceless. 

When we did their session, they had only been engaged for six days!! He proposed to her after they did a temple session at the Provo City Center Temple just the Saturday before! It was so awesome photographing such a freshly engaged couple! 

I asked Darren how he knew that she was the one for him. He said, “She always just felt like home.” Isn’t that the most beautiful way to feel about someone? It just warmed my heart like no other. 

We hung out together in Provo Canyon. I was so worried because earlier that day, it was full on raining and the wind was blowing. You could tell, it was probably going to be a little miserable. They were both going out of town the next week, so rescheduling was not an option! 

We arrived at the park, and it was beautiful!!! The sun came out, the wind died down and the park was almost completely empty! It was like it was meant to be!

At the end of their session, Michelle told me that she wanted to take some pictures of them in the water! I thought she was insane! It snowed just a couple of weeks ago, but hey! Why not?! They are both an outdoorsy couple and they ventured through the water. Just like they will together through life.