Janelle & Brad | Rocky Mountain National Park | Amber Prusse Photography

Let's go back to 15 or so years. I am 13 and Janelle is 8 or 9 years old. She had that long gorgeous hair but was a little shorter and I think she had glasses! We met we were both in the Cheyenne All-City Children's Choir! When I graduated from that choir, we met once again! I was a long term substitute teacher for a choir teacher and lo and behold, she was in one of the classes I was teaching!

Janelle met Brad after a bad break up, but it seemed like great timing. Because the couple hit it off and fell in love fast! The two have been together ever since.

Janelle won an engagement giveaway I had, but we had to wait a long while to do it because I was in Utah and they were in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I came back to Cheyenne often because I had family there. When I told them I was coming to town, they suggested we go to the Rocky Mountain National Park which was about 2 hours away in Colorado. And let me tell you, it was worth every mile! When we arrived, it was misty and dark. It almost seemed like rain. After we left the town of Estes Park and then headed to the park, we immediately saw Elk! It was amazing. We drove finding the perfect spots for their engagement session. And oh boy we did! Traveling around Rocky Mountain National Park, we saw the most gorgeous scenes full of pine trees and beautiful stormy skies.

Janelle and Brad have since gotten married and are stationed in Georgia with the Air Force and Janelle is working as an RN! I am so excited for the rest of their lives!

And PS, I would love an excuse to go back to Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are getting married there and need a photographer, I will wave my travel fees to shoot there! Send me back, please!!!!!!!!!

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