Utah Lake Engagement| Utah Wedding Photographer| Amber Prusse Photography

This love story is one for the books! It is seriously so cute! Utah Lake was so good to us for their engagement session! And I just want to point out that Heather is a princess. She really is! She performs as a disney princess on the weekends! You look at how she looks at Taylor and you can tell that she has found her prince!

Heather and Taylor met a couple of years ago at BYU. They were in the same singles ward and would hang out with each other and their roommates, but didn't really have any interest in each other. By the end of the semester, they began to crush on each other. Or as Heather would put it, he had been wooed! She even told him, that someday she would probably marry someone like him.

He left for his mission and she went to school and then she decided that she was supposed to go on a mission as well. She was called to the same mission where he grew up! She was able to spend time with his family and cousins! All the time that they were on their missions, they stayed in touch. Taylor got home from his mission in May and Heather got home from hers in August. They went on their first date in September, and they saw each other every single day. They became the real deal in October.

Over the holidays they met each other's families and in December Taylor made the decision that this was the real deal and it was time to make things official. On February 4th, he asked her to marry him on the same bench at the Provo Temple where she opened her mission call. And now they are getting sealed in Washington DC at the end of May!

I am so happy that she said yes! Here's to their happily ever after!