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I'm a boy mom. I am surrounded by dinosaurs, mud, cars and lizards all day, everyday. Don't get me wrong, I love being a boy mom! It is seriously my favorite thing! BUT! Being a boy mom makes me all sorts of gitty and excited and gushing with joy when I get to do a first look.

It is so much fun getting excited for all the girly things that are bridal sessions. The anticipation of the groom seeing his bride for the first time gets my heart racing. Watching the bride walk down the stairs at the Utah State Capitol with the gorgeous marble background makes my heart skip a beat. And seeing the groom turn around and see his future wife surrounded by the gorgeous Utah mountains with beautiful light coming in makes me sigh. Seeing them embrace and kiss each other makes me want to burst with excitement. 

I'm in love with beautiful people wanting to capture their beautiful love story. I love watching grooms look at their brides with awe. Most of them will make comments about how they are so incredibly lucky they are to have found the love of their life. The bride will say, "Do you like my dress?" And the groom without skipping a beat will say, "I love it. You look perfect." 

There are several reasons why you should have a first look/bridal session. Here are three reasons to convince you! 


1. There is time.

I love doing first looks and bridal sessions a few weeks before the actual wedding day because we have time and we can relax. So many times during the wedding day, everything seems so rushed and busy. We have to worry about keeping to a schedule and making everyone else happy. But with a bridal session, we get to take our time. We get to choose the time of day we do the session to ensure that perfect light. 



You get to choose your location! I love getting to go to beautiful locations all over Utah with my couples. It makes me so happy to be able to get the locations my couples want, and not just the reception center or temple. I always try to get in at least a half hour with my couple on the wedding day at the ceremony location. But getting away to the mountains to a beautiful lake makes for beautiful memories. 


3. Printing your Photos for the Reception

My FAVORITE thing about doing a first look and bridal session, is being able to print those photos and see them at the reception. I guarantee prompt delivery for your bridal session so that you can print those babies so your family and friends can gush and awe at how beautiful you both look. It's the best! 


You may be concerned that the magic will be lost when your groom sees you walk down the aisle and sees you in your dress for the first time. Let me reassure you, that even when you do a first look, the magic will not be lost as your future husband sees you for the last time as his fiance, and then gets to leave holding hands with his wife. 

So basically, DO THE FIRST LOOK!

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