Fieldsted Family |Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Amber Prusse Photography

I love babies!!! I love photographing newborn lifestyle sessions. I love capturing sweet moments with brothers and sisters and with mom and dad! I love how comfortable people are in their own home. I love seeing a family in their surroundings. People, especially children, are at ease! They don’t have to worry about making a mess in someone else’s space, or not bringing the right snack for their kiddos, it is seriously a win-win!

I have been photographing the Fieldsted family since Caroline was pregnant with their second kiddo. We are practically family if you consider that Caroline is my mom’s cousin’s wife’s cousin. Did you follow that? It took me a while to get the logistics of it all!

When I arrived at the Fieldsted's home in Lehi, I immediately was greeted with exciting giggles and laughs and I was invited to a picnic lunch in the living room. We played while mom and dad got baby ready! I had a delicious sandwich! And then we were able to get started! I love how Caroline and Tyler and decorated their home! It was so beautiful and perfect for a lifestyle session.

Ambree is such a cheese! When little girls turn 4 or 5, they instantly turn into models. They give all the cheese and smiles! The last time I saw Gavin, he was not feeling so hot! And all the fruit snacks in the world couldn't get that little boy to smile. But at this session, he was all smiles and acting like your typically little boy. Running around and bouncing, but as soon as we said it was time to take pictures, he was so good and gave all the smiles! With the promise of a treat of course!

By the way, I will always encourage you to bribe your kids with treats during a photo session! If there is any time to bribe, a photo session is the time!

My favorite part of this session was watching everyone admire that sweet baby. I can't wait to watch this amazing family continue to grow up!

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