Brandon & Mandy & Family | Utah Family and Wedding Photographer | Wheeler Historic Farm

Meet one of the best and newest families around! This is no ordinary family. If you look at that hot looking couple, at this time, they were engaged and getting ready to blend their two families together. Mandy and Brandon are incredible parents! I love that they wanted to include their kids in their engagement photos! And we had an absolute blast! 

We met at Wheeler's Historic Farm up in the Salt Lake County area very early one Saturday morning at the beginning of June. There were a few early bird walkers around, but that was about it. Walking around, I knew that this was going to be the perfect place for this family to have their pictures taken! 

When they arrived, we went around the area and found the perfect morning light. It was awesome to see these four kids acting like they had known each other their whole life. They played and teased and hugged just like any other group of siblings. 

Then Mandy pulled out signs that said, "Our dad, and our Mom, are Getting Married!" I thought this was such a cute idea for their wedding invitations. And they really did turn out cute! 

I then let the kids go, and did some couple photos of Mandy and Brandon. I had the sweetest little helper following me around making sure that they were giving their best smiles. She would make silly faces, tell jokes, ANYTHING to get those smiles. I'm glad I had a sidekick to help. Although, some of her silly faces turned into looks of disgust as Mandy and Brandon kissed!

At the end of the session, we gathered together at the park on the grounds. I brought some Krispy Kreme donuts to share because anyone who gets up that early for family photos, deserves some Krispy Kreme!