Behind the Scenes |Utah Family Photographer

Ever wonder what it's like on my side of the camera? Well here is a little behind the scenes of what I do to prepare for a family session, what I do during a session, and what I do to process your photos and deliver them!

Before Your Shoot


Before your session, I like to spend time trying to figure out the best location for you. It's important to get the vibe you are going for. If it is a new location that I have never been to, I like to go up there and scout out the best spots. Of course, I have my favorite spots if you don't really know what you are looking for. 

The night before the session, I make sure that I have a couple of memory cards ready for the session, charge my camera's battery and make sure everything is in working order. Every once in awhile I like to rent a lens, so I will make sure Allen's Camera has my order in and I will pick it up! Allen's Camera is a great camera shop in Orem. I have always been treated the best there!

Right before I leave, I double check and make sure I have everything. I also make sure I have some candy, fruit snacks and some granola bars. I always say, there is no shame in bribing for family sessions. So I make sure I bring the bribes!


During the Session

During your session, I make sure everyone is happy and is looking good! I always make sure we get the "grandma shot" first. (The one that grandma is going to want on her family wall. The one where you are all looking at the camera.) Then we get into the fun candid poses! I like to go through a series of poses and combinations of people in your family. We also go to a couple of different locations around the area to make sure we take advantage of all the beauty Utah has to offer. I'm basically super lucky to be a Utah photographer because there is no lack of awesome locations!


After Your Session

After your session, I usually stop at a Sodalicious to grab an AK Special and listen to my favorite podcasts on my way home. I run straight to my computer and edit a couple of my favorite images from the session. I LOVE to send my clients sneak peaks. Within two weeks after your session, I will cull through all the photos and pick out the best images! I carefully edit them to make sure everything looks great. When editing is complete, I upload them to an online gallery and email you the link and a download pin. 


I offer a professional printing service. If you choose, you will place and order and I will order your photos! They are delivered to me, so I can make sure they are perfect in every way. I then, mail the prints or canvases to your home for you to enjoy!

If you are interested in booking a session with me, please use the contact form below! I would love to chat with you about your photography needs!

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