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I love listening to podcasts. They are short and sweet and they are part of my daily routine! I love listening to a variety of shows ranging from self help, business improvement to true crime! Here are some of my favorites!

For the Business Owner


The Goal Digger Podcast is amazing! Jenna is awesome at giving such great business advice from why it’s important to have blog, great Instagram tips, how to survive being an entrepreneur and much more! Whether you are a brand new business owner or seasoned, I would highly recommend this podcast to everyone!

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Donald Miller is such an awesome brand builder. He believes that you need to have a clear message and that building a successful brand is just as essential as having great customer service. He interviews some of the most successful business owners in the world and gives clear takeaways that you can apply to your business and your everyday life.

For the Good Stories/Conversations


I have been listening to This American Life for 15 years. I would listen to it every Saturday at 3pm on NPR. And now I can listen to it whenever! This podcast consists of stories and investigations all around the world. You can laugh, be appalled and be informed all in one episode. They have a theme throughout the show and tell different stories to help illustrate that particular theme.

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I love listening to Oprah’s super soul conversations. They are spiritual and captivating. She has discussions with celebrities and world changers and talks with them about their journey and what inspires them. It is just a feel good podcast that makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to do.

For Marriage


I’m not really a fan of the original RISE podcast by Rachel Hollis, but I do love this marriage podcast that Rachel and her husband Dave put together. They talk all about how they run a successful business while maintaining their weekly date. They even talk sex! They are funny, honest and have great tips on how to survive the crazy life while having a great marriage.

For Moms

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As a mom, sometimes I feel awesome, and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning. And sometimes I feel like I’m somewhere in between. This short and sweet, 30 minute long podcast is perfect because there is a discussion with 3 solid and great takeaways that a mom in any stage to know. Things like How to Find Joy with Your Children, 3 Easy Ways to Capture Memories of Motherhood. This is a must listen for all moms.

For Feeling Good


I LOVE listening to Awesome with Alison- And Eric too!!! This duo talks about ways to make you feel awesome. They teach us that you are all that you need to do what you want to do, but sometimes our own selves get in the way. You are already enough! So she helps give you thoughts and ideas through her own experiences to help you be the best you. “Only you can be you, and you are already as awesome as you need to be.”

True Crime

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This podcast is a series discussing a neurologist, who was a horrible surgeon, but yet slipped through the system for several years. His early life and practices are discussed and the way he got away with mangling several patients, as well as his “best friend".”

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The great and horrible con artists preys on a rich divorcee. Although everyone in her family is against this union, the divorcee is convinced its love. Lies, cons, stalking and murder take this family through a crazy period of time, but will they ever get away from this awful man?

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This sad local Utah story tells about an investigation of the disappearance of a mother and wife. Everyone is sure of who did this horrible act, but since they can’t find the body and lack of evidence, this case has never been solved. And with horrific acts, the accused is no longer able to pay for his crimes.

For Kids

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My kids love listening to these tales! These fun, original stories are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. We listen to these on road trips, eating breakfast and on our walks!

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