My 5 Life Goals | Amber Prusse Photography

Oh man. This was a hard post to write. First off,  I am really good at thinking of business and personal goals. Like the New Year goals? I rock at coming up with those. But coming up with five long term life goals, was extremely hard. It made me think about the long term, 50 years from now goals. So bare with me as I share five things I hope to achieve in my life. (Edited to add: Totally sobbed my way through all of this. Wasn't expecting that!)

1. Raise good sons.

This is on my mind a lot. I want my sons to grow up to be good men. To be responsible, loving and kind. I want them to grow up and think fondly of their childhood. I want them to love me! (Is that too vain? I don't think so) I want them to be successful human beings and contribute to society in a positive way. I want them to be good friends. I want them to serve. I hope that they will always feel comfortable coming to me for advice and know that I am always there for them.

What terrifies me so much about this goal is I have very little control. I can only control my own behavior and be an example to them. Which also terrifies me! They will come across influences and influencers outside of my little home. And my goal is that they will be able to use their knowledge that they learn from me to be good people.  


2. Be my best self

Going back to goal #1, I know I can't teach my children how to be good people, unless I am that example for them. So that means, I have to be my best self. And this is ever changing. I am not the person who I thought I would be five years ago. I am constantly trying to learn how to be better. This doesn't mean I have to be perfect. Oh heck no! This means I try my hardest to be the best I can be with the tools I have. 


3. Parenthood goals

Ever see the TV show Parenthood? I watched this show a few years ago, and I knew that is the kind of community that I wanted for me. I wanted my family close. I wanted to get together often. I wanted to be able to support my siblings when I needed too. I wanted my parents and in-laws to be amazing grandparents to their grandchildren and to be a major part of their life. I want the closeness. I want the big backyard summer bbq's and the serious and not so serious talks about life. 

And when the time comes, I hope that my children will stay close and we will have bbq's at my house every Sunday. I hope that my kids will want to come home and feel safe there. 


4. Continue to fall in love with my husband

I married my husband after a blissful summer romance. It was a short courting period, a super short engagement and here we are almost 6 years later. I love that man. 

My parent's recently moved to Utah as empty nesters. I was talking to my dad about their new life here, and he said that he loves my mom more now, than he ever did before. But it is a different kind of love. He said that it is ever changing. 

It reminded me that in our different phases of life, I need to continue to develop my love for my husband. It's not just a fall in love and that love will carry you through for all eternity! But fall in love over and over again. And I hope I love my husband infinitely more 50 years from now, than I do now. 


5. Do what I love. 

I want to live a happy life. And I am so lucky that I currently do live a happy life. Part of that is I get to do what I love. Part of that is being a wedding and family photographer here in Utah. It brings me so much joy that I get to do what I absolutely love. When I was going to college, I was going to be a music teacher. And that carried me through some wonderful parts of my life. I was doing what I loved. And now, I am a photographer and a mom and a wife. I LOVE what I do. 

I am always developing new talents and hobbies. But I decided awhile ago, that if something didn't make me happy, I wasn't going to do it! (Which is probably why I don't work out! But I'm hoping to develop a love for it...maybe) Why waste my life doing things I don't love to do! 

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