Wyoming Family| In Home Lifestyle Session| Amber Prusse Photography

In home sessions are becoming my favorite! The Moore family and I have been trying to get together the past couple of times that we've been in the same area and it just never seemed to work out! Luckily this past time I was in Cheyenne, we found a time to get together! And then the rain started to pour. Oh man, we were both so upset. Then the idea was brought up to do a a session in their home and we both loved the idea! 

I love sessions in the home. They are more casual, less stress and really capture the true dynamic of the family. We are capturing moments inside the most precious building in your life. We capture true personalities and interactions. You get to hang out in your bare feet, you get to read stories, have tickle fights! How can a family session get better than that!?

If you are interested in an in home session and would like more information, be sure you send me an email! And we will chat about capturing the best family moments in your own home.